Company Misson

Business philosophy: Infinite Absorption Creating Future
Taking pleasure in share and devotion, Satellite does its best to offer optimum products and overall services and regards market and customer acceptance as the greatest reward. As the field that Satellite engaged in is closely linked with daily life, only superior products can meet the maximum daily needs and build a better life. Satellite is deeply convinced that it can get the biggest rewards and provide its employee with richest benefits by the best contribution to the society. 

Management Objective: Integrity-based, Credit First
Satellite takes Credit as the basis of behaviors and conducts, and the basic quality of staff. Only being integrated to others can you gain trusts and respects.
Service Tenet: Customer satisfaction is our greatest wish.
Customer satisfaction is the greatest return and the work standard. Satellite would provide consistent customer services required for daily use, and shall meet customers'potential demands as well. We all commit to achieve harmony and mutual benefit, thus realizing the zero distance between customers and Satellite.
Quality Policy: be true to your brand and pursue the excellence
Satellite is in pursuit of quality for survival and trust. Satellite constantly strives to innovate and offers its competitive products to customers and the society.

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