Satellite technology firmly believes high quality guarantees the marketing. We have independent quality testing center, adhere to the self-inspection and randomized inspection, adhere to strict control the quality of each of the operations process.
"Sharp tools make good work." In order to guarantee the product quality, we actively introduce advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad, unceasingly carry on the technological innovation to the product to increase productivity.
CRC And AUL Equalization
Features: Higher Water retention and Absorption under load performance, balanced technical indexes
Application Scope: Domestic market Baby diaper, Baby nappy, Composite core
High CRC&Absorption, Antibacterial Products
Features: High absorption in 0.9% Nacl & Retention Capacity
Application Scope: Traditional Baby diaper, Composite core, adult diaper
High AUL& Permeability
Features: Absorbing under load better, better liquid permeability
Application Scope: Foreign market baby diaper
Quick Absorbing Rate & High Absorption
Features: fine particle, high absorption in 0.9% Nacl& quick absorbing rate
Application Scope: Pads, pet met, Nursing pad, absorbent paper, Airlaid Paper ,ect.
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